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Classic Qualification and Pay-Off


  1. All General Tournament Rules apply to the Classic.


  2. Classic qualification - The top thirty (30) teams including any teams tied for 30th qualify to fish the classic.  Any teams fishing six out of eight tournaments, also will be eligible to fish the classic.

  3. Entry fee for Year End Classic is $120, ($100 for Payout/$20 for Big Bass).  This is a 2-Day event scheduled for the first weekend in June.  Classic fees are 100% paid back.

  4. Plus $10.00 per boat during the regular season goes to the classic pay-off fund.  

  5. NEW THIS SEASON - The team that fishes the classic must only include a two-person combination of the captain, partner and alternate for each day.  All 3 fishermen must have paid an annual registration and fished in at least one regular season tournament for the year.  No other fishermen from other teams may be combined to form a new team for the classic.  If a combination of captain, partner and alternate is used the team entry fee will be an extra $50 for the third person bringing team total fee to $170 instead of $120.


  6.Classic pay-off is based on the number of boats that fish the classic.  If 35 boats or less fish the classic, pay-back 5 places, trophies for top 10, if more than 35 boats fish the classic, pay-back 10 places, trophies for top 10.   


< 36 Boats-38%-1st place, 27.5%-2nd place, 17%-3rd place, 

11.5%-4th place, 6%-5th place.

36 + Boats-35%-1st place, 25%-2nd place, 15%-3rd place, 

10%-4th place, 5%-5th place, 3%-6th place, 

2.5%-7th place, 2%-8th place, 1.5%-9th place, 1%-10th place.



  7. All rules will be enforced as to the interpretation of the Tournament Director.  All decisions will be final upon announcement.

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